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What's the Upcide

Our purpose is to truly democratise alternate asset investments by embedding technology to enhance transparency in deal discovery, deal assessment, transaction, and asset management. We provide end to end support to investors in identifying the right assets, leveraging knowledge and insights to enable informed choices


What we bring

We have a strong ecosystem of partnerships to provide you with investment opportunities as well as exit options across various stages of the asset lifecycle. We provide you with investment options in India and other chosen global geographies, with an unwavering focus on quality assets that improves yield potential and capital values. We bring:

  • Understanding of levers of long-term wealth creation
  • Options aligned to your risk appetite; tailored to your needs
  • Personalized access to asset specific expertise throughout the lifecycle
  • Commitment, as if it was our own capital that will be invested
  • Class leading diligence, leveraging competencies of our team and expertise of our partners
  • Discovery to transaction process using simple to use technology; embedded with data intelligence for your decision support

How it works

Simple and transparent investment and asset management process, enabled through our technology platform – integrated from discovery to investment; and up to exit.

Step 1
View opportunities

Explore opportunities across multiple asset classes on our platform curated for you

Step 2
Become a Member

Shortlist opportunity, sign up, become a member or contact us for a meeting

Step 3
Book your opportunity

Provide EOI with pre-defined token amount, receive draw down schedule; activate your escrow account

Step 4
Leverage our diligence

Receive detailed due diligence reports; with simulation on your earnings, and sensitivity analysis

Step 5
Become an Owner

Receive capital call and definitive agreements; provide your digital signatures and become an owner

Step 6
Monitor performance

Get detailed reports, with update on emerging risks and periodic valuation through our dashboard

Step 7
Get rewarded

Earn points on referral; get rebates on future expenses. Be recognized for investing in impact assets

Step 8
Exit and reinvest

Exit anytime, buy out others or exit with everyone on the platform.
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