How it works

Simple and transparent investment and asset management process, enabled through our technology platform – integrated from discovery to investment; and up to exit.
Step 1
View opportunities

Explore opportunities across multiple asset classes on our platform curated for you

Step 2
Become a Member

Shortlist opportunity, sign up, become a member or contact us for a meeting

Step 3
Book your opportunity

Provide EOI with pre-defined token amount, receive draw down schedule; activate your escrow account

Step 4
Leverage our diligence

Receive detailed due diligence reports; with simulation on your earnings, and sensitivity analysis

Step 5
Become an Owner

Receive capital call and definitive agreements; provide your digital signatures and become an owner

Step 6
Monitor performance

Get detailed reports, with update on emerging risks and periodic valuation through our dashboard

Step 7
Get rewarded

Earn points on referral; get rebates on future expenses. Be recognized for investing in impact assets

Step 8
Exit and reinvest

Exit anytime, buy out others or exit with everyone on the platform.
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